Mini-Teaser Trailer for ‘The Wolverine’ Now Available on Vine

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Even though they’re basically ads, trailers are an enjoyable part of the film-going experience. But as fun as it is to watch quick shots of shiny objects banging against each other or delight in the fact that Danny Glover almost said “shit”, trailers aren’t essential. They’re not so highly anticipated that we need to start slapping together teaser trailers for trailers. And yet, that’s basically what’s happening on the official Twitter account for the upcoming movie “The Wolverine”.

The six second preview (which is available right here) is a Vine mashup of the upcoming trailer. The fun sized sneak preview is a frenetically edited morass of flailing arms, intense grunts and the back of the Silver Samurai’s helmet.  It is apparently the first Vine movie trailer. It’s also so short it’s basically subliminal. However, The Verge has noted that,

 [T]he film’s promoters cheated a bit — the trailer was clearly not edited using Vine

Yes. That is truly egregious. Shame on you promoters of “The Wolverine”. An asterisk will forever follow the name of the Vine trailer for “The Wolverine” in the annals of insignificant firsts that nobody cares about.


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