‘Grace of Monaco’ Starring Nicole Kidman to Premiere in December, Right on Time for Oscar Race

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What do “The Reader”, “Inglourious Basterds”, “The King’s Speech”, “The Artist”, “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Django Unchained” all have in common? They’ve all been nominated for a bunch of Oscars and… they’ve been distributed by The Weinstein Company.

There’s no doubt Bob and Harvey Weinstein have lately built a reputation for turning nearly everything they touch into gold, so naturally our best guesses for Oscar favorites next year are TWC-distributed films.

But “The Butler” and “August: Osage County” don’t exactly look like Academy darlings, so there had to be something else. And there is. “Grace of Monaco”, starring Nicole Kidman as the beloved former Hollywood star turned princess (literally).

The biographical drama is currently in post-production and has an official theatrical release date – December 27. That’s basically the single most coveted spot in the year’s schedule and is bound to put the film on the Academy radar, especially with the Oscar ceremony set to take place a week later than usual in 2014.

But does “Grace of Monaco” have what it takes to be this year’s “The King’s Speech”? We’re unsure. On one hand, you have Oscar winner Kidman playing a role that she was born for. The supporting cast is pretty promising too, including well-established names like Tim Roth and Frank Langella and up and coming Milo Ventimiglia or Paz Vega.

On the other, there’s the director, Olivier Dahan, with not much experience in Hollywood. And the screenwriter, Arash Amel, whose name doesn’t ring many bells. Regardless of the final nominations count, “Grace of Monaco” sounds like a movie to look forward to, doesn’t it?

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