The First of Many Wikileaks Movies: Trailer is Here For “We Steal Secrets”

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Considering it consists of spying, subterfuge, government secrets and a real-life protagonist who looks and acts an awful lot like a James Bond villain, the arrival of the Wikileaks story on the big screen was pretty much inevitable.

Indeed, several different projects about the notorious organization are at various stages of development, including a feature called “The Fifth Estate” which stars  Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange. Other versions are planned as well, although no one yet has thought to cast Neil Patrick Harris, a dead ringer, in the role of Assange.

The first Wikileaks project out of the gate is “We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks,” a documentary coming later this year from the insanely prolific filmmaker Alex Gibney. Gibney, in the past few years, has directed films about everyone from Enron to Hunter S. Thompson to Jack Abramoff to Eliot Spitzer to Steve Bartman. “We Steal Secrets,” which does not include any new interviews with Assange, will come out wide in June. Here’s the trailer:

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