Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin may turn their New Year’s Eve Hijinx into Ongoing Series

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GriffinLike most right-thinking people I almost never tune into CNN. But also like most right-thinking people I almost never go out for New Year’s Eve, which means I do end up watching CNN for one very specific interval of time each year: the Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin New Year’s Eve special broadcast from Times Square.

Though it seems like it’s been a tradition for much longer, this particular New Year’s Eve broadcast has been the only tolerable thing on television that night since the first time Cooper and Griffin were paired up for it on December 31, 2007.

The New Year’s Eve show gets solid ratings and the various “racy” moments that Griffin can be relied upon to provide get CNN just about the only buzz it generates for non-horrible reasons all year. So, it’s no big surprise that, according to an exclusive report yesterday from Nellie Andreeva of, Cooper and Griffin recently filmed a pilot together for a potential new series.

Though it’s not known for sure if the pilot will be picked up by CNN, according to Andreeva’s reporting recently installed new CNN chief Jeff Zucker was in attendance. An ongoing Cooper/Griffin talk show would seem to fit in with Zucker’s plans to make over the network, which has suffered from low ratings for years, with more entertainment/lifestyle programming, more “personalities” etc.

The first big debut of CNN’s new era, the Anthony Bourdain-hosted travel show Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, premieres on April 14.



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