‘Pain & Gain’ Trailer Suggests That it Might Be the First Legitimately Good Michael Bay Film

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 You know, I hate to say anything nice about Michael Bay but “Pain & Gain” looks good. Surprisingly good. Bay’s stylistic excesses and flashy tics seem to be utilized well in this tragic yet no less ridiculous story about a kidnapping gone horribly awry and the cast in this is pretty amazing (The presence of Ken Jeong and Tony Shalhoub in anything always make me happy).

Plus it’s genuinely funny! Not funny in that ‘Ha-ha-I-can’t-believe-there’s-a-scene-set-in-robot-heaven’ way that most Bay films tend to be. But funny in the way that this film has actual jokes and those actual jokes are actually funny.

Granted, this is a Bay film so it’s still basically junk but instead of being glossy unwatchable junk, “Pain & Gain” could be pure, electrifying garbage.  You’ve captured our attention, Bay.  Don’t let us down.


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