Colin Firth and Emily Blunt in the Not So Great Trailer for ‘Arthur Newman’

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Colin Firth has been in a lot of great movies of late, including the quadruple Oscar winning “The King’s Speech”, “A Single Man” and “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”. But he has also had its fair share of less-than-great ones, such as “Mamma Mia”, “Main Street” and the very fresh “Gambit”.

So when one hears the British actor has no less than six projects slated for theatrical releases over the next couple of years, one can only assume they will be the usual mixed bag of nuts. On one hand, you have “Genius”, also starring Michael Fassbender, or Rowan Joffe’s “Before I Go to Sleep”, which are bound to be hits.

And on the other you have “Arthur Newman”. A romantic dramedy that was shown at last year’s TIFF and Turin Film Festival and that has a limited US release date set for April 26. Like “Gambit”, “Arthur Newman” doesn’t seem to lack in talent (Emily Blunt and Anne Heche are also in it), but there’s that little something that just doesn’t click.

Call us shallow or however you will, but we don’t see any kind of chemistry between Firth and Blunt. The story is far from fresh or original, while as for the trailer (embedded below), there’s only one real highlight (hint: Emily Blunt is in it and she’s not fully clothed).

And to think Becky Johnston, the movie’s writer, has once upon a time penned the script for “Seven Years in Tibet”. What a waste!


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  • Mary

    It seems to me interesting.
    Also I love Colin Firth and Emily Blunt
    I’ll go see it.