Sad News: The T-Mobile Girl Has Been Assumed into Corporate Mascot Heaven

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Today is a sad day. Because today is the day the jingles died.

Business Insider is reporting that the T-Mobile Girl (Carly Foulkes) has joined The Noid, Erin Esurance, Mayor McCheese, and that Australian guy who used to shout Oy in those Energizer commercials from the 80s in corporate mascot heaven.

 T-Mobile has dropped Foulkes from its new iPhone 5 campaign. According to a corporate spokesperson,

The current campaign will not feature the character of the T-Mobile Girl, however she is still a part of the company’s brand family.

Let this serve as a reminder that the life of a corporate mascot is precious and you should cherish the brief time you spend with them. Because one day you’ll wake up and the Michelin Man won’t be there. Instead there might be some kind of a giraffe in a race car or something.


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