Ashley Judd Nixes Senate Run…For Now

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Ashley Judd, the star of “Kiss the Girls” and “Someone Like You” who had been mulling entering Kentucky’s 2014 Senate race, officially bowed out Wednesday. (You can read her statement here.) The movie actress was considered a viable Democratic contender, one with in-state political support. 

So, what happened, The Huffington Post?

A source close to Ashley Judd (Is it Morgan Freeman?), who two weeks ago described her as “95 percent there” on a decision to enter the Kentucky race for U.S. Senate, told HuffPost’s Howard Fineman late Wednesday afternoon that she had “gone back and forth in recent days.”

The source, a close political adviser (Forget Morgan Freeman. Is it Hugh Jackman?), said that there was no single factor driving Judd’s decision not to run, but that one consideration was a recently arising “family situation” involving a relative — “not one of the famous ones” (“Famous” is a bit of a stretch, isn’t it?) — that “caused her to consider how she wanted to spend the next two years or more of her life.” The source refused to be more specific.

But this is not the end, folks. Just like “Double Jeopardy,” Ashley Judd will not be stopped.

She is said to be buying a home in her ancestral state and has given the impression that she indeed wants to run for U.S. Senate. If that’s so, look for Judd to start talking about running against Sen. Rand Paul (R) in 2016.

I’m sure that race would get a little bit of media coverage.


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