Beverly D’Angelo, Chevy Chase Negotiating “Vacation” Time

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According to “Variety,” the movie industry’s (digital) Bible, Beverly D’Angelo and Chevy Chase are in “early talks” to appear in the upcoming reboot/retooling/reconstruction of “Vacation.” Of course, they would play Ellen and Clark Griswold, the roles they made famous in four feature comedies.

In the new version, as previously reported, Ed Helms will play Ellen and Clark’s now adult son, Rusty, who is taking his family on its very own mishap-filled vacation. In a smart move for all involved, Christina Applegate recently signed to play Rusty’s wife. New Line wants to start production by June. 

The casting is coming along nicely and the story is time-tested. I just wish I had more confidence in directors/writers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who are best known for penning two iffy comedies: “Horrible Bosses” (which made money) and “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” (which, so far, has not). I’m not sure if they have the chops to revive a once-cherished franchise.

I hope they prove me wrong, because I like how the project is progressing.


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