It’s Official! Martin Scorsese and Miramax Are Developing a ‘Gangs of New York’-Inspired Series

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Martin Scorsese is without a shadow of a doubt among the top three legendary Hollywood directors of all time, despite only winning a single Oscar for the 2007 “The Departed.” And not only has his work evolved over time, but it has also diversified to the point that everything the man touches turns into gold, be it a period family drama starring a 12-year-old boy or a nuanced gangster TV show.

And when the entire world is at your feet, you can start having some fun, can’t you? And what could be more fun than turning the ten-time Oscar nominated 2002 “Gangs of New York” film into a television series?

There have been rumors about this for quite some time now, but it was only yesterday that Miramax confirmed the studios, alongside Scorsese, will be developing the show. Unlike the movie, which only focused on organized 19th century crime in NY, the series will look at Chicago and New Orleans gangs as well.

There’s no info regarding casting, a network involved in the project or air dates, which means it might still be a while until seeing this one turn into reality. Scorsese is still involved in the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire” as an executive producer and has four movies he plans to direct over the next few years – “The Wolf of Wall Street”, starring Leo DiCaprio, an untitled Bill Clinton documentary, “Silence” and “Sinatra”.

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