Meghan McCain Enters News Talk Circuit with ‘Raising McCain’

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Pivot, a new channel aimed at milennials, is slated for an August 1 launch. One of its new shows will feature Meghan McCain, author and daughter of  former GOP presidential candidate John McCain.   At Pivot’s official unveiling Wednesday, she called her show Raising McCainMeet the Press Meets Jackass.” One of the topics she mentioned covering is the explosion of meth in her homestate of Arizona.

McCain started blogging life on the campaign trail during her dad’s presidential run. That led to a writing spot at the Daily Beast and later, becoming an MSNBC contributor. She and comedian Ian Michael Black collaborated on the book “America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom.”

Politically, she considers herself a Republican who is liberal on social issues. Whether you agree with her politics or not, she has developed a large following among the exact demographic Pivot wants to reach. The network’s president, Evan Shapiro, said the network will combine entertainment with social action. Another show on Pivot is a variety offering starring actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Pivot plans to be in 40 million homes when it launches.


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  • astrotriforce

    Very interesting. I’m a big fan of Meghan McCain to a certain extent (even bigger fan of her father), however I don’t like the crudeness she sometimes gets into and I’m much more Conservative. Even so, I like hearing her thoughts and I find her to be an interesting personality. I haven’t even heard of Pivot, but I would tune in just to see her show.