At the End of the Day: British Bands, Game of Curses and Ranking the Dinosaurs

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You did it! You ruined literature!

A map of where all the British rock bands are from- I’d love to see it overlaid with where all the soccer teams are (Uproxx)

Whatever happened to Harry Knowles? (The Hollywood Reporter)

All the old episodes of This Week in Baseball are available online (Hardball Talk)

Get caught up on Game of Thrones with a nine-minute overview of the first two seasons (Slate)

More succinctly, here’s all the swearing from the first two seasons. (The Sopranos version of that, you may remember, was 27 minutes) (Slacktory)

Some 1980s rap lyrics which, in retrospect, are sort of problematic (Cracked)

Did “Fifty Shades of Grey” ruin erotica? (Slate)

Ranking the “Jurassic Park” dinosaurs (Vulture)

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