Kristin Kreuk Starring in CW’s “Beauty and the Beast” Redo

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CW wants to be your go-to network for paranormal romance. It’s taking full advantage of the “Twilight” trend with The Vampire Diaries. In Fall 2012 it will offer Beauty and the Beast, loosely based on the 1987 CBS drama that starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. The starring roles this time go to former Smallville love interest Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan (Terra Nova, Legend of the Seeker)

The show is now a “modern day romance with a procedural twist.” Kreuk’s Catherine is a homicide detective who saw her mother’s murder nine years ago. She remembers that an animal of some kind attacked the killer. Enter Ryan’s Vincent, the victim of a military experiment that leaves him looking deformed. The pair join forces to solve crimes.

In a development sure to make things confusing this fall, ABC has its own version of the classic fairy tale in the works. It’s reportedly a more traditional take about a girl falling in love with The Beast because of his gentle nature.

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