Matthew Lillard Fans Rejoice! “SLC Punk!” Sequel may be in the Works

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SLCIn news that’s actually been kicking around for awhile but for some reason only made it onto the A.V. Club newswire yesterday “SLC Punk!” (the exclamation point is what makes it punk rock) may be getting a sequel.

Both James Merendino, the writer/director, and Matthew Lillard, the star, of the 1998 (um classic?) indie film about the punk scene in Salt Lake City, Utah in the 1980s have confirmed that they are planning to shoot a sequel, to be titled, appropriately enough, “Punk’s Dead.”

The idea is that the new film will pick up 18 years after the first one and explore how the characters are adjusting to early middle age. The pitch for the new film was first discussed publicly in this interview Lillard gave to IFC on Oct. 5 of last year, but for some reason only became something many people on the internet were talking about yesterday. The fact that yesterday also happened to be April Fool’s Day led to skepticism in some quarters. But Merendino had already confirmed the existence of the prospective project and the title back on January 13th. And Lillard confirmed his involvement on March 28th.

In the IFC interview Lillard compares the idea to Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight” series of films in which Linklater goes back and explores the same characters at different points in their lives. As the A.V. Club’s lead film critic, Scott Tobias, once remarked on twitter: “The BEFORE SUNRISE sequels have been like watching JaVale McGee hit a 3-pointer. “No! No! No!” when it goes up, “Yes!!!” when it swishes.”  Most are probably skeptical that a prospective “SLC Punk!” sequel would lead to as happy a result, but you never know.

Now if Lillard can only get a “Wing Commander” sequel off the ground.

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  • Jack

    As a fan of both Lillard AND SLC Punk, I really hope this is some sort of cruel post-April Fools joke. I cannot see this being any good.