ABC May Tackle The Incredible Hulk

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Mark Ruffalo’s turn as Bruce Banner in “The Avengers” has rekindled interest in this modern day Frankenstein monster.  ABC, which like Marvel is part of Walt Disney’s media empire, wants to capitalize with a new Hulk TV show. ABC Entertainment Group talked Marvel projects in a conference call May 15. He confirmed ABC is hoping Hulk can go mean and green in time for the 2013 TV season.

Guillermo del Toro, the director that brought Hellboy to the big screen, is developing this show. ABC’s been talking about this since 2010. The $1 billion in Avengers money Disney is rolling around in ala Scrooge McDuck has renewed interest. There’s no word on whether this take will be part of the existing movie mythos or its own entity.

The hero with gamma-induced rage issues isn’t the only Marvel hero ABC is working on. Lee confirmed an unnamed Marvel project ABC is doing for FOX. Another comic show idea that’s been rattling around for a while is one based on Marvel’s P.I. Jessica Jones.  Superheroes are white hot right now, meaning movie studios and TV networks all want heroes of their own.

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