“Finding Nemo” Getting a Sequel, “Finding Dory”

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Dory and Nemo

The Pixar sequel bug has spread to “Finding Nemo.” 

The 2003 fish-based adventure, one of the studio’s biggest box office hits, will a sequel, “Finding Dory,” in 2015. The new film will focus on Dory, the fish character played by Ellen DeGeneres, reprising her role from the first movie. Director Andrew Stanton, a Pixar founding father, will return as well, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Most of the cast, including Nemo and Marlin, will be back as well. 

For years “Toy Story” was the only Pixar film to get a sequel, but in recent years we’ve had “Cars 2,” and this summer’s “Monsters Inc.” prequel “Monsters University.”



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