McConaughey Lands Leading Role in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

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Matthew-McConaughey-Christopher-Nolan-InterstellarThey say when a Hollywood pretty boy (or girl) starts losing their looks, it’s the beginning of the end for any acting career they might have had. But like any solid rule, there are exceptions to it. Like Matthew McConaughey.

The Robert Pattinson of the ‘90s (only, you know, a lot more masculine than R-Patz) has become, much like wines, better with age. 2012 has been by far the absolute best year in McConaughey’s acting career, although none of his films have been box-office hits.

But “The Paperboy”, “Mud” and “Magic Mike” have put Matt on the radar of a lot of important critics and directors, including… Christopher Nolan. After wrapping up the “Dark Knight” trilogy, Nolan is prepping a new sci-fi project for 2014, tentatively called “Interstellar”.

And according to McConaughey himself, the leading role in the film will be played by the Texas-born actor. Not much is known at this time about “Interstellar”, other than it’s going to be an “exploration of physicist Kip Thorne’s theories of gravity fields, wormholes and several hypotheses that Albert Einstein was never able to prove”. Hmm, it sounds a little Terrence Malick-y, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’m personally glad to hear McConaughey will be involved in a big-budget studio movie, because, frankly, it was getting a bit annoying to have to wait six or nine months for his indie films to be available on Pirate Bay VOD.

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