All Crime Is Legal In Futuristic ‘The Purge’ Trailer Starring Ethan Hawke

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The PurgeIt’s never a good sign when a big studio like Universal starts marketing a movie with just a month to go until the thing’s premiere, but, even if “The Purge” is in that disagreeable situation, the first trailer doesn’t look half bad.

Written and directed by James DeMonaco (“Assault on Precinct 13″), “The Purge” has Ethan Hawke leading an otherwise lackluster cast, but a very intriguing premise. Peculiar and very unrealistic, but intriguing and challenging nevertheless.

The focus is on a regular, upper class family from a futuristic America where harmony and peace rule… except for one night every year, when all crime is legal. Of course, the movie takes place during one of these nights, with the family having to survive a home invasion of numerous masked murderers.

Why masked if crime is legal? No idea, but you’ll probably have to leave most of your common sense at home if you’re planning on checking out “The Purge” in theaters. After all, the sci-fi thriller is brought to us by the producer of “Paranormal Activity”, Jason Blum, who’s invested time and money in countless other projects of late, some hits (“The Reader”, “Lawless”) and other massive flops (“Sinister”, “The Bay”, “The Babymakers”).

Also, Michael Bay (?!?) is one of the co-producers, so “The Purge” could end up like one of the most surprising box-office hits of the summer or a direct-to-DVD C-movie. For now, it’s slated for a May 31 release, but we’re guessing it’s not going to be nationwide.

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    Looks like a great action movie