Latest ‘Great Gatsby’ Trailer Focuses Less on the Plot, More on Beyonce and Lana Del Rey

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the-great-gatsbyWhether you love or hate Baz Luhrmann, consider him a cinematic genius or a flashy buffoon, you have to hand it to him – he sure knows how to stir up a controversy. And he’s never boring. But after taking the done to death romance story of “Romeo and Juliet” and turning it into… something else entirely, you probably never thought he could shock the movie world more.

Well, consider yourselves proven wrong. Because Luhrmann will once again take a universally acclaimed classic and make it his own thing. The latest trailer for this summer’s “The Great Gatsby” proves it once and for all, as we can already tell Luhrmann and Craig Pearce’s script has strayed away from the source material. A lot.

But the trailer focuses less on the plot and more on what usually makes Luhrmann’s films special – the art direction, costumes, sets and, most of all, the soundtrack. I don’t know about you, but, after checking out this 160-second work of art, I’m expecting to see something more along the lines of a play than a movie.

A visually stunning, 3D-shot play, but a play nevertheless. Okay, I’ll go ahead and admit it now, I’m excited to see “The Great Gatsby”. Anyone else feeling the same way or are you still appalled that someone has the guts to mess with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work?

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