Brad Pitt Set to Star In David Ayer-Directed World War II Drama ‘Fury’

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Brad PittOne of the most unexpected critical and box-office hits of 2012 has been the low-budget action-crime drama “End of Watch”, written and directed by David Ayer. Ayer had been extremely successful as a scribe before (mostly with “Training Day” and “S.W.A.T”.), but “End of Watch” has been his first major hit in the director’s chair.

But now the road to world fame seems wide open for the filmmaker. His next project, called “Fury”, is close to signing Brad Pitt as a lead and we all know Pitt very rarely misses the mark at the box-office.

Based on Ayer’s own screenplay, “Fury” is a World War II-set drama focusing on a five-man crew of an American tank battling a desperate German army in 1945. The film is backed by QED International, an independent distribution company that’s reportedly acquired Fury’s script for $1 million.

Bill Block (“District 9″, “Vanilla Sky”) will be producing, along with Ethan Smith (“Diary of a Wimpy Kid”) and John Lesher (“End of Watch”). As for Pitt, we don’t know exactly what kind of a role he will be playing upon striking a deal with the producers, but if it’s anything like Lt. Aldo Raine from “Inglourious Basterds”, we’re in!

Via [Deadline]

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