‘Cicero’ Script’s New Writer is a Waiter

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Tom-Hardy-Al-CaponeKnow this about “Cicero”: Tom Hardy’s first on-screen stint as an outlaw (in “Lawless”) might have produced sub-par box-office grosses and modest critic reactions, but the British actor’s future as a gangster sounds bright as day. Even if it’s mostly in the hands of a waiter.

Confusing stuff, I know, but let’s start with the beginning. Once upon a time (a couple of years ago, to be more exact), Warner Bros. hired David Yates to direct a new big-budget gangster flick called “Cicero” and starring Tom Hardy as infamous mobster Al Capone.

The director of the last four Harry Potter films had to team up with Walon Green, who got the task of writing the screenplay. Only the “Wild Bunch” scribe failed to satisfy the studios with his attempt at cracking the rise and fall of Al Capone, so Yates had to rewrite Green’s draft.

For some reason though, Yates seems to have ditched the project before getting a chance to finalize the script. And here comes the funny part – the guy Warner Bros. hired to replace Yates is Tom Shepherd.

Not familiar with the name? Of course you’re not, because the guy is a waiter. At the same time, he’s a wannabe writer who, we presume, popped up on Warner’s radar after making the 2012 Black List with an unproduced screenplay called “Hey, Stella!”.

Like I said, very confusing stuff, but at least there’s still a chance we’re going to see Tom Hardy play Al Capone. The “when” of the equation is up in the air, but L.A. waiters are world renowned for their speed, right?

Via [Deadline]

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