No, It’s Not 1989! Living Colour to Perform at WrestleMania

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Living ColourFor wrestling fans, the following news is big. And even if you don’t care about the sport of  Jerry “The King” Lawler, it’s actually pretty interesting.

Figure Four Online reports that Living Colour will perform at this Sunday’s WrestleMania. The bulletin has precious little information, other than the rock band’s drummer, Will Calhoun, contacted the WWE with the idea. And the WWE loved it.

Confession: I stopped following wrestling near the end of the Reagan administration, so I had no idea why the WWE would be interested in these guys. But there’s apparently a good reason: Wrestler CM Punk uses “Cult of Personality,” the song the band is best known for, as his entrance music. So, they’ll probably perform it as he enters the ring.

Or maybe the band will go bad. Could they play one of their lesser hits or the song of his nemesis. Who is that? Is Koko B. Ware still around? What about the Brooklyn Brawler? Someone please help me out before I start embarrassing myself.

The good news is that Living Colour, a truly excellent band, is still around. Maybe this gig can be their Super Bowl halftime show. For more information, here’s their website.

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