The Hangover Part III Trailer: The Wolfpack Goes Completely Berserk

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Hangover-IIIIt all starts with a funeral. Zach Galifianakis is singing “Ave Maria” like an angel. Now we’re in Vegas. “Someone needs to burn this place to the ground”. John Goodman shoots a guy. Galifianakis sensually shares a lollipop with Melissa McCarthy (?!?).

A guy with a pig mask chases Galifianakis through the dessert. Chang Mr. Chow Ken Jeong is a cop. Bradley Cooper’s life is hanging by a thread. Galifianakis hits a statue in the crotch. Chang chokes a chicken. A giraffe causes a chain freeway accident.

That’s the kind of madness you can expect from “The Hangover Part III”. And I got to say – the franchise might have regained its mojo. Don’t get me wrong, “Part II” had its laughs, but it was more the kind of cringeworthy humor Adam Sandler has turned into art than the absurd yet witty comedy of the first movie.

So the Wolfpack is back for one last trip to Vegas (bummer, I know), and, despite this time not being any wedding or bachelor party, everything’s not gonna be alright. Check out the first full-length trailer for “The Hangover 3″ below and join us in trying to guess how many lines John Goodman and Melissa McCarthy will have in this thing.


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