Official First Trailer for ‘Carrie’ Remake Looks Much Better Than The Teaser

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Carrie-2013You know 2013 is the year of the remakes, sequels and spin-offs, right? But it doesn’t necessarily have to be the year of the bad remakes, sequels and spin-offs. I know, I know, it may sound like I’m tripping here, but I’m starting to think the idea of remaking Brian De Palma’s bloody classic “Carrie” is not the dumbest of the century.

Kimberly Peirce’s take on Stephen King’s novel is to premiere in theaters in October and the first full-length trailer is… pretty decent. There doesn’t really seem to be anything new, like a different spin to the story or something, but Chloe Grace Moretz is the perfect combination of weird, creepy and pretty and that’s exactly what Sissy Spacek was 37 years ago.

Also, Julianne Moore as the unstable and abusive Christian fundamentalist mother? Perfect! But back to the trailer. Which, I have to say, is surprisingly contained. If you remember last year’s teaser, you know it looked too bloody, too cheap and too lacking in style to at least appear it will do justice to King’s horror story.

But now the 150-second trailer is… just better. I can’t even explain it. Just take a look at the clip and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.


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