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And he put that watch the only place he could...

Comedian Kevin Pollak has started a new podcast in which he interviews comedians, for an hour at a time, WHILE ENTIRELY IN CHARACTER AS HIS CHRISTOPHER WALKEN IMPRESSION. Like you’re not going to listen to it (Talkin’ Walken)

Good question: Who has a better secret past: Don Draper, or Robin Scherbatsky? Robin didn’t desert a war or steal anyone’s identity, so I have to go with her (Splitsider)

The MTV Movie Awards are scheduled for the same night as Barack Obama’s address at the Democratic convention (Vanity Fair)

Bonnaroo Festival announces schedule  (Pitchfork)

Here’s a fall schedule programming grid, which will give you a four-month head start on how to settle that Big Bang Theory/30 Rock/X-Factor three-way DVR conflict (Deadline)

Five movies, five thousand upshifts: It’s every gearshift in the “Fast and the Furious” series (Vulture)

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