It’s Coach Denis Leary in “Draft Day”

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Dennis LearyActor and comedian Denis Leary has long been associated throughout his career with the sports teams from his native Boston, whether he’s extolling the Bruins in a commercial or appearing on a Red Sox broadcast and slurringly praising the Jewishness of then-Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis. 

Leary, according to Deadline, has landed a movie role that will require him to ditch his Patriots fandom, and probably his accent too. He’s been cast in “Draft Day,” a new film about the NFL Draft that’s directed by Ivan Reitman and stars Kevin Costner as the general manager of the Cleveland Browns.

Leary will play the Browns’ head coach, who finds himself “at odds” with Costner’s character. I’m guessing it’s over who the team should draft, although perhaps Leary’s character is just hoping to ride the Browns job to a multi-Super Bowl winning gig coaching the Patriots, like Bill Belichick once did.

The film will shoot footage during the actual NFL Draft later this month.


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