At the End of the Day: The Inception Bong, Corporate Harlem Shake, and Beyond Accidental Racist

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Inception bongWhy pro wrestling is responsible for everything in professional sports (Cracked)

A superset of the “howling fat men” of the Coen Brothers canon (Filmdrunk)

 How the “Inception” music has ruined movie trailers (The Verge)

There’s dissension in the ranks of Bon Jovi: Jon Bon Jovi has reportedly pushed Richie Sambora off the band’s current tour (Page Six)

 How the Harlem Shake was brought to you by corporations (Quartz)

 Ascertaining the political systems in the “Super Mario Brothers” universe (Quora)

Other misguided racial songs in the tradition of “Accidental Racist” (Every Day Should Be Saturday 

On the news of Jay-Z becoming a sports agent, a look back at when Master P did the same, and the horrible Geocities websites he left behind (Grantland)

 A very, very angry takedown of Tyler Perry’s new movie, by Lindy West (Jezebel)

 An interview with the composer of WWE’s theme music (The Atlantic)  

Last week’s Parks & Recreation episode was full of references to David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest” (Michael Schur’s Twitter)

Some offbeat suggestions for the new host of NBC’s Late Night (Grantland

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