Will Forte: ‘MacGruber 2′ is Happening

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When “MacGruber” was released in the summer of 2010 it was touted as, “the best Saturday Night Live movie since “Wayne’s World”. Unfortunately, at the time Film Title: MacGruberthe statement really didn’t carry much weight.

The bar for Saturday Night Live movies is set so prohibitively low, it could have been grainy, Super 8 footage of Jeff Speakman slowly kicking Kristen Wiig’s Gilly character to death and it still would’ve been the best Saturday Night Live movie since “Wayne’s World”.

However, the hype surrounding “MacGruber” happened to be true. It really was a funny movie and it wasn’t until fairly recently that people started to recognize it as such. But whether you were one of the very few people who saw this in theaters or just caught it on Spike TV a few weeks ago, Badass Digest has some very exciting news for you, there will be a “MacGruber 2.”

According to MacGruber himself, Will Forte: 

We are going to make “MacGruber 2” for sure. Whether we have to do it with a video camera in our backyards – there will be some form of “MacGruber 2.”

He added,

Jorma [Taccone], the “MacGruber” director, he had the idea to do a Kickstarter like two years ago. He kept saying ‘We should do a Kickstarter’ and we were like ‘Yeah, maybe at some point.’ He’s always ahead of the curve. That’s the lesson you learn — always listen to Jorma.

Incidentally, Taccone has hinted that the “MacGruber” sequel could be a “Die Hard” parody which is such a great idea they should have used it as the premise for the first movie. But no matter what the plot may be, it will be great to see MacGruber back on the silver screen doing what he does best: sticking a piece of celery up his ass while awkwardly dancing a jig.


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