“Fandango” Dances His Way to WWE Fame

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Fandango WWEWWE storylines often have a little fun with current culture. Jack Swagger and his new manager are inspired by the Tea Party. One of WWE’s Monday night ratings competitors is ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. It is probably not a coincidence that a new superstar has some sweet dance moves.

Fandango showed up a few weeks before Wrestlemania, but refused to wrestle because no one could pronounce his name properly.  It’s like the Beverly Hills Cop joke with Bronson Pinchot’s “Serge” character. No matter how you say it, you’re going to be wrong as far as he’s concerned. This is a gimmick that could have gone very badly, very quickly.

The new character’s first feud was with former Dancing contestant and WWE legend Chris Jericho. He is great for helping new talent become established.  Jericho played a part in catapulting Fandango to stardom. But a raucous New Jersey crowd that infused Monday Night Raw with serious energy completed the journey. Their chants were inspired throughout the post-Wrestlemania Raw on Monday. As Fandango hit the ring, they began singing his theme song, punctuating it with his overemphasized “FAN-DAN-GO” pronunciation. At this point, it’s a guarantee that every future crowd will do this. It’s every bit as catchy as when the E’s fans chanted “You Suck, You Suck” in time to Kurt Angle’s theme music. It didn’t stop when the show ended either.

Fandango’s theme song, titled “ChaChaLaLa,” has cracked the Top 10 on iTunes. WWE music producer Jim Johnston wrote the song. His previous efforts include themes for The Rock, Big Show and The Ultimate Warrior. He may be in line for a raise. Right now for WWE, Fandango is pronounced “more money.”

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