“Point Break” Remake Gets Its Director

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The original "Point Break"

The original “Point Break”

“Point Break” was a movie that looked terrific, but wound up being forgettable for a bunch of reasons, the least of which was Keanu Reeves’ immortal reading of “I AM AN F…B…I… Agent!”

As you probably know, the movie (one of Kathryn Bigelow’s early efforts) is being remade. That’s good. Now, Alcon, the production company, has shown a bit of common sense. It has hired Ericson Core to direct the sun-baked action flick, according to “The Hollywood Reporter.”

Core is perhaps best known as the cinematographer for “Daredevil” and the original “The Fast and the Furious,” so he can capture action. And he directed “Invincible,” the utterly charming 2006 football biopic starring Mark Wahlberg and Greg Kinnear. What’s a bit of a red flag is that his IMDb page is pretty skimpy after 2008. Then again, so is mine.

Now is not the time for worrying. According to THR, the pieces are in place, including a script that is essentially the same as the 1991 original save for a telling detail: the criminals won’t be surfers, but extreme athletes. That should allow for plenty of clothing and energy drink tie-ins.

I hope that will make for a better movie. Fourteen-year-old me is still disappointed.


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