‘Go the F to Sleep’ to be adapted into an F-ing Movie

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It’s easy to see why “Go the Fuck to Sleep” was so popular. It’s like a children’s book but it also has the F word in it so that means it’s instantly edgy, adult and Plus, being that it’s about the pain and misery of raising children, it makes the perfect gift for any shower, bris or christening.

But as popular as “Go the Fuck to Sleep” was, its slim, one-note concept (which was basically just “Goodnight Moon” if every third word was fuck) makes it slight and disposable. It’s not exactly the kind of book you’d want to build a movie around. So, obviously, as the AV Club is reporting, Fox 2000 has begun moving forward on a film version of “Go the Fuck to Sleep.”

Details about the upcoming movie are sparse but, on the plus side, Ken Marino and his wife Erica Oyama Marino –who were both responsible for the clever web-series “Burning Love”- have been hired to write the screenplay. So there’s a strong possibility they could stretch this premise beyond its one weak joke. But it seems unlikely.

Whatever happened to the days when we simply allowed dumb novelty books like this to die with dignity in cut-out bins and thrift stores without commemorating their inanity with a movie? There’s a reason why “The Preppy Handbook” starring Andrew McCarthy and “101 Uses for a Dead Cat” starring Tim Kazurinsky are not taking up theoretical shelf-space in that empty strip-mall where Blockbuster used to be.

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