‘Man of Steel’ Teaser Trailer Gives Us a Few Seconds with General Zod

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Is anyone looking forward to the “Man of Steel”? Do you know anybody who can barely contain their anticipation for the next Superman movie? Does anyone want toMichael-Shannon-as-General-Zod murder their calendar because it currently doesn’t read June 14?

Chances are the answer to all of these questions is a very hard no. Partly it’s because Superman is kind of a snooze but mostly it’s because Zach Snyder is just all kinds of awful. Have you seen “Sucker Punch”? Who was that movie for, exactly? People who wished that “Inception” was dumber and easier to masturbate to?

But with all of that said, this teaser trailer for “Man of Steel” looks intriguing. If I didn’t already know that Superman was boring and Zach Snyder was horrible, I might actually be tricked into seeing this.




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