Need Cheering Up? Meet Nathan Fielder and the Claw of Shame

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Nathan Flieder and the Claw of ShameAfter one of the more emotionally trying days in memory, I think we can all use a hearty, silly laugh. Therefore, I introduce everyone to Nathan Fielder, his Comedy Central show Nathan For You, and the Claw of Shame.

If you haven’t heard of Fielder or his show, it’s a newish, weekly comedy series that normally consists of Fielder helping out troubled small businesses, a la Undercover Boss. It’s not a huge hit by any means but has taken on buzz of late, which is only certain to accelerate after the broadcast of last week’s “Claw of Shame” episode.

What is the Claw of Shame? It was a David Blaine-like escape artist stunt in which Fielder found himself handcuffed to a steel frame, with 90 seconds to free himself. But that’s before we get to the claw trying to remove his pants, the audience of children attending the spectacle, and the offscreen police officer poised to arrest Fielder and charge him as a sex offender. Here’s the explanation:

 Believe or not, that’s not the joke, it’s only the set-up. If you need a laugh, check out Nathan For You, which airs its season finale Thursday. 

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