Wesley Snipes Reportedly Joins “Expendables 3″ Cast, Stallone Wants Mel Gibson As Director

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Sylvester-Stallone-Wesley-SnipesThe second installment in the “Expendables” franchise has had a subpar domestic box-office run, but boosted by sensational $215 foreign grosses it has become one of the biggest action hits of 2012. Naturally, a third movie is in store and likely to be released very soon – in the summer of 2014.

That’s understandable and not only because you want to strike the iron while it’s hot with these kinds of popular series. But also because, let’s face it, there’s not enough make-up in the world to make Sly Stallone look like an action hero for more than a couple of years going forward.

For now, there’s no “Expendables 3” script, no director hired and not even a rough idea of how the film will look. And yet it’s fairly predictable most of the second film’s stars will return, joined by… Wesley Snipes.

Snipes’ casting has been revealed by Stallone on Twitter, but it’s not yet 100% set in stone. After all, the former “Blade” star has just got out of prison, so we’re not sure he wants to get back on the horse right away. If he does though, you have to admit it – Wesley Snipes was born to be an expendable.

In other, partially related news, it appears Stallone wants Mel Gibson to direct “The Expendables 3”. That’s obviously to be filed under crazier than crazy rumors, but after appearing in “Machete Kills”, what could stop Gibson from directing and maybe even starring in this thing?

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