Tom Cruise Reportedly Signed to Star in Upcoming Sci-Fi Flick ‘Yukikaze’

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tom-cruise-yukikazeDoes anyone remember exactly when Tom Cruise decided to flush his career down the toilet? I don’t either, but I think it was sometime between “War of the Worlds” and “Mission: Impossible III”.

Basically, the former triple Oscar nominated actor has gone from flop to flop ever since “War of the Worlds”, managing to reach his lameness peak in 2010, with “Knight and Day”, but also last year, with “Rock of Ages”.

And no, “M.I.: Ghost Protocol” doesn’t count as a hit, even though it has grossed nearly $700 million worldwide. What does count as a hit in that case? Well, anything with a story, a budget of under $100 million and no singing.

Unfortunately, Cruise is determined to cash in on his action hero reputation in the near future too, probably fearing he’s getting too old for this s… “Oblivion” is to premiere this week, while the actor’s next few projects will be “All You Need Is Kill”, “Mission Impossible 5”, and… “Yukikaze”.

That last one is apparently an adaptation of a popular Japanese science fiction novel by Chohei Kambayashi. Oy vey! The sci-fi flick doesn’t have a writer or a director attached yet, but it will reportedly be produced by Warner Bros., so you just know it will essentially be a live-action cartoon. Come on, Cruise, you’re better than this!

Via [Filmofilia]

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