“The Cleveland Show” Faces Cancellation, Confusing Millions Who Thought It Was Cancelled

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The Cleveland Show Seth MacFarlane is one of Hollywood’s busiest and in-demand talents, so maybe the imminent cancellation of The Cleveland Show is a blessing in disguise. Perhaps he can take up tai chi or knitting.

Before MacFarlane can peruse his local YMCA summer classes brochure, he has to find out if the fate of his animated comedy (and Family Guy spin-off). The Onion AV Club claims that’s the case. says otherwise: Fox hasn’t pulled the plug, but it doesn’t look like a fifth season will happen.

..The signs have been piling up that the show is not coming back. For starters, the ratings are really low (3.3 million viewers and a 1.6 rating among adults 18-49 — and that includes seven days of DVR playback).

Moreover, Fox’s animated block requires a long lead-time to produce new episodes. The rest of the network’s Sunday animated block were all renewed months ago — including relative newcomer “Bob’s Burgers,” which received a fourth-season order back in October and has helped give the network a reliable fourth show for the two-hour block that includes “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy,” and “American Dad.”

But this cloud has a profitable lining. Erik Adams of The AV Club points out that the show’s 88-episode run puts it in “syndication territory.” That’s swell, but it also means the show has probably outlived its usefulness as far as Fox is concerned.

So, Seth, it’s probably a good time to sign up for that aqua-aerobics class before it fills up. After all, your dad gave you all those bathing suits.


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