Warner Bros. May Look to David S. Goyer to Write and/or Direct ‘Justice League’

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David-S-Goyer-Man-of-SteelEven if there’s still no official word on whether or not a “Justice League” movie will be made in the near future, several names of directors/writers/producers have been rumored to be involved in the project.

The names have ranged from Ben Affleck (crazy!) to Christopher Nolan (crazier!), with the latest word around the street actually making some sense for a change. David S. Goyer is apparently the newest guy eyed by Warner Bros. to helm the superhero film, according to John Campea of AMC.

The Canadian filmmaker and journalist tweeted yesterday that a little bird told him “WB is moving on Justice League w Goyer possibly directing”. Naturally, you have to take the “scoop” with a big grain of salt, as there’s no way to know if Goyer is even considered by the studios.

But again, the choice would make sense. Only we don’t think Goyer will be directing “Justice League”, but instead will be asked to just pen the script. After all, the guy knows his superheroes, after helping Chris Nolan develop the “Dark Knight” stories and writing the “Man of Steel” screenplay.

And talking about “Man of Steel”, it’s starting to be more and more obvious that Justice League’s future is riding mostly on the commercial success of Zack Snyder’s movie. This is, according to producer Chris Roven, “definitely a first step” towards making “Justice League”.  Please, oh please, Henry Cavill, be better than Brandon Routh!

Via [Zap2it]

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