“Star Wars” Movies Will be Annual Starting in 2015

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Patton Oswalt has big plans for the Saarlac Pit

Patton Oswalt has big plans for the Saarlac Pit

It was confirmed this week that the return of “Star Wars” will be an annual engagement.

The chairman of Disney Studios, Alan Horn, said Thursday that fans should expect a new “Star Wars” movie once a year, starting in 2015, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The studio plans to alternate the release of the previously announced sequels with standalone features from elsewhere in the “Star Wars” universe or chronology.

Not much has been announced in terms of details of the first sequel, aside from the hiring of J.J. Abrams as director and Michael Arndt as writer.

And in other “Star Wars” news, Patton Oswalt pulled off his second major Internet triumph of the week. Oswalt guest-starred on Thursday’s episode of Parks and Recreation as a “Star Wars” nerd who filibustered a city council meeting with a long rant about his vision for the next films. The full eight-minute speech – featuring crossovers with the Avengers and Spider-man universes, as well as the unfortunate beheading of Chewbacca- was released earlier Thursday and quickly went viral:


And finally… “Star Wars” dog costumes! 



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