Watch the Action-Packed Trailer for Keanu’s Directorial Debut ‘Man of Tai Chi’

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man-of-tai-chiIt’s never unusual to see actors stepping behind the camera to try their hand at directing, but it appears as if more and more Hollywood big names are doing it. And while some go the artsy way (I’m looking at you, James Franco), others seem to just want to have meaningless fun. Like Keanu Reeves.

Or, as most of you know him, Neo from “Matrix”. I know, it’s a little unfair to sum up his acting career to that one role, but it’s not like Reeves has made a real effort these past few years to get back into the spotlight.

At best, he’s had fun, in B-movies like “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, and Z-movies such as “Henry’s Crime” and “Generation Um…”. For his next project, Keanu will be kicking, slapping and punching ass again like in the good old days. Only this time he will be also instructing others how to kick, slap and punch stuff.

True, “Man of Tai Chi”, Reeves’s directorial debut, doesn’t look like much. In fact, I’m willing to bet the thing will never see the inside of a theatre. On VOD though, I think it could make history. No, seriously, how could you not want to check out a film whose trailer ends with an epic “Let the show begin” line delivered by Keanu Neo-style? So shall we… let the show begin?

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