Van Halen Postpone Summer Tour Dates, Probably Hate Each Other

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After the Sammy Hagar years, and the short-lived Gary Cherone years, Van Halen reunited with original lead singer David Lee Roth for a successful tour in 2007. In February of this year they released their first new album with Roth since the 1980s, A Different Kind of Truth. The album debuted at number two on the Billboard album chart and sold 187,000 copies in its first week, most likely due to the fact that the bands’ older fan base still actually buys physical CDs. The band then kicked off a successful stadium tour in support of the album, which included a triumphant return to Madison Square Garden. However, Roth and the rest of the band appear to have returned to their old infighting ways as they’ve unexpectedly postponed more than 30 tour dates, including all shows scheduled for after June 26th.

There’s been no official word from Live Nation, who is promoting most of the tour, or from reps for the band as to reasons for the postponement or even if the dates really are just postponed and not simply canceled. But, Rolling Stone quotes an off-the-record sources as saying the members of Van Halen “hate each other,” and that “The band is arguing like mad. They are fighting.”

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