Tag! Jack Black and Will Ferrell are ‘It’ in ‘The Tag Brothers’

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I suppose it was inevitable that someday somebody would base a movie around the game of Tag. After all, if Battleship and Candyland got development deals why notWill-Ferrell everybody’s favorite childhood game? But what’s unexpected about this upcoming movie is that it’s sadly based on real-life events.

Vulture is reporting that Will Ferrell and Jack Black (who apparently haven’t shared screen space since “Anchorman”) will be starring in “The Tag Brothers,” a comedy based on a Wall Street Journal article about “a group of former Spokane classmates” who spend “the month of February chasing each other across the country to avoid being “It,” all while balancing their personal and professional obligations.”

Ugh. Just when I was adjusting to the idea of adult kickball leagues and insufferably twee grown-ups building blanket forts, here comes a totally extreme version of Tag. Thanks a lot all of you hipsters and adventure hippies. You’ve now made a Portlandia sketch look like a documentary.

At any rate, Here’s hoping that “The Tag Brothers” will make the sight of fully grown adults running around and tapping each other look that much more ridiculous.


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