Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges Arrest the Dead in ‘RIPD’

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ripd-ryan-reynolds-jeff-bridges1-600x253Summer is almost upon us, and with it comes a wealth of comic book based movies. We’ve all heard a little something about “Iron Man 3″ or “Man of Steel.” A lesser known project is based on Dark Horse’s “RIPD.”

They are dead cops tasked with recapturing evil souls who have escaped back into the world of the living. Playing unlikely partners in the movie are Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. This one has a “Men in Black” feel to it, possibly too much so.

The new trailer earned some prime real estate, as it debuted with Tom Cruise’s latest no. 1 hit “Oblivion.” Here’s the trailer. Does this look like summer popcorn fun for you?

“RIPD” is coming July 19.


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