Diane Ruggiero To Co-Write ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Script Alongside Rob Thomas

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Diane RuggieroThe once upon a time highly unlikely feature film adaptation of the TV series Veronica Mars is closer and closer to reality following an immensely successful Kickstarter fund-raising campaign. Rob Thomas, the show’s creator, is on board to write and direct the movie set to premiere in 2014, while the cast will certainly include most of the series’ stars, from Kristen Bell to Jason Dohring.

But aside from ensuring the film will be made, the $5.7 million budget raised via Kickstarter has given Rob Thomas the comfort to sign another writer to help him with the script. And who better to know the ins and outs of Veronica Mars than Diane Ruggiero?

Ruggiero has been a part of the show’s original writing staff, penning the screenplay of a total of 14 episodes in the first two seasons and also acting as supervising producer, co-executive producer and executive producer between 2004 and 2007.

Before Veronica Mars, she’s been the creator of the TV dramedy That’s Life, while her post-Neptune resume includes writing work on The Ex List and producing work for Cupid and Bates Motel.

It’s unclear how much of the 2014 film’s screenplay is already done, but Rob Thomas has mentioned he “had the outline and the first act of the movie written when we launched Kickstarter”. He’s also said of Ruggiero “she was my right hand writing the series…” and “…we were both in a comfort zone, both writing the show and writing with each other”.

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