‘Dexter’ Spin-Off Series Starring Jennifer Carpenter Is In The Cards, According to Showtime Boss

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Dexter-DebraA new day, a new Dexter story. Though this one is more about Debra Morgan, the forensics expert’s charismatic, foul-mouthed adoptive sister.

That’s right, our worst fears could become reality, as a Dexter spin-off series focusing on Jennifer Carpenter’s character is apparently being considered by Showtime.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some good old-fashioned Deb crudeness. But do I think a Deb-centric show would ever work? Not in a million years. And that’s because, let’s face it, Michael C. Hall has made the 8-season-long Showtime series great, both as a lead actor and executive producer. And something tells me Hall will not be back to invest time and money in a show headlined by his ex-wife.

But let’s not get too panicky yet. After all, David Nevins, the network’s boss, has only stated he isn’t ruling out a spin-off. And that “all options are on the table as to where it could go after” Dexter‘s season 8.

And who says Debra couldn’t die in the show’s finale, thus putting an end to all this silly rumor-fest? Now how cool would that be?

Via [E Online]

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