The Trailer for Thor: The Dark World is Here

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“The Avengers” was a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing because we finally got to see all of our favorite superheroes join forces on screen to argue and quietly eatthor-2-dark-world-poster lunch together.  It was a dream come true for many- if not all- horrible, horrible nerds.

But it’s also a curse because now the stand-alone superhero films don’t carry the same impact anymore. Case in point, I should be getting excited over the trailer for “Thor 2: The Dark World”, after all it does have brief appearances from Christopher Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed as well as a particular foppish trickster from “The Avengers”. But something is missing and that something is the sight of The Hulk punching Thor right in his pretty Thunder God face.

Thanks to “The Avengers”, I’ve grown jaded with superhero movies that don’t involve a team of superheroes. Do me a favor and wake me when “The Guardians of The Galaxy” finally comes out (or if M.O.D.O.K. appears in the post credit sequence in “Iron Man 3″.) Thank you!


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