Jon Bon Jovi: Richie Sambora is “Absolutely” Still in Bon Jovi

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Bon Jovi and Sambora in happier times

Bon Jovi and Sambora in happier times

For those concerned about Richie Sambora’s status as Bon Jovi’s guitarist, frontman Jon Bon Jovi set the record straight yesterday: Sambora, who is not on the rock group’s current world tour for undisclosed reasons, isn’t going anywhere.

Ellen DeGeneres, who must have gotten some journalistic gumption thanks to wearing a Tom Wolfe-style white suit, gave Bon Jovi the chance to respond to Sambora’s absence on her afternoon show. “The New York Post” had reported that Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea, had had enough of Sambora’s partying antics and pushed him off the tour.

Bon Jovi, to his credit, didn’t play it coy. (You can see video here.)

“All I can say, honest to God, is that it’s a personal matter,” Bon Jovi told DeGeneres.

Bon Jovi insists, that despite his absense, Sambora is still in the band.

“We love him very much and he’s absolutely still a member of the band.”

“He’s still your guitar player?” asked DeGeneres.

“Absolutely,” Bon Jovi replied.

I’m sure the controversy will die down…until the “Post” finds another “anonymous” source with something to say. Seriously, something clearly is not right in Sambora’s life. Whatever the problem is, he has to fix it before he can rock another million faces.

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