Jane, You Ignorant Yahoo: Full SNL Archive Gets a New Home

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Soon Buckwheat will be shot anytime you want him to be

Soon Buckwheat will be shot anytime you want him to be

One of the great things about Saturday Night Live is that it’s such a constant. If you’re a fan of it, no matter how old you are, you have certain favorite SNL moments from your childhood that you remember and savor. I know my friends and I regularly quote SNL bits to each other that probably haven’t aired since the mid-’90s.

While SNL has in recent years used the Internet well when it comes to posting new episodes and segments- to the point in which SNL bits have often gone viral- collecting its older material has always been more of a challenge. Various old sketches have often popped up on YouTube, Hulu, the NBC website or other places, but it’s never been completely comprehensive. There’s never been a video equivalent to the invaluable SNL Transcripts site. 


Until now, that is. In the latest big content play for an Internet company, Yahoo announced Thursday that it has reached a deal with NBC and Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video to make the entire SNL archive, from 1975 through the present, available exclusively on Yahoo.

The exact business model of the arrangement is unclear, as is whether there will be a charge for access, and more will be announced next week at Yahoo’s “upfront” presentation, Deadline reported. We do know that the deal will include promotion on other Yahoo platforms, as well as the exclusive behind-the-scenes content and even some musical guest video. SNL’s music has traditionally translated poorly to online platforms due to rights fees.

This is good news for anyone who’s an SNL fan. I’m just ready for the “I agree with Senator Heflin” sketch to get back online. 



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