Branagh’s ‘Cinderella’ is ‘Downton Abbey”s Lily James

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Lily JamesHollywood “reimagining” of classic fairytales went out of style a good two or three decades ago, but given you can’t find a creative writer anywhere on a 50-mile radius around Tinseltown, why not remake for the umpteenth time “Cinderella”?

The weird thing is the upcoming Disney-produced reinterpretation of the folk tale continues to garner tons of talent around it, actually making it seem like it’s going to be worth the hundreds of millions of bucks invested in CGI-ing and marketing the thing.

Following Kenneth Branagh’s signing as a director and Cate Blanchett’s casting as the evil stepmother, Disney has also announced the newest glass slipper wearer. And Cinderella is going to be played by… wait for it… Lily James.

Who?!? Exactly! James is a sufficiently fresh face to not spoil the ingenuity of the role, but at the same time an already proven talent, courtesy of the highly acclaimed British period TV series Downton Abbey.

Aged 24, but looking 18, James has been a guest star on Abbey’s season three as Lady Rose MacClare, being set to reprise her role for the upcoming season four. The young actress has a very short resume for now, but she’s also been in “Wrath of the Titans”, “Broken” and “Fast Girls”, so she’s not completely inexperienced when it comes to the big screen.

Okay, Kenneth, okay, Cate, okay, Disney, you have my curiosity. Now just don’t mess the thing up “Alice in Wonderland” style!

Via [Guardian]

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