Purge-Ageddon: Netflix Deletes Nearly 2,000 Titles from its Instant Streaming Library

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If you were waiting for that one perfect moment to watch such cinematic classics as “Cherry 2000”, “American Ninja 3” or the 1981 Chevy Chase vehicle “Under thenetflix-television Rainbow” on Netflix, I’m afraid that moment has passed.

As of today, these three films – along with nearly 1,997 other titles- will no longer be a part of Netflix’s streaming catalog. But try to hold back the tears because Slate has some good news. All of those deleted titles will find a home on Warner Archive Instant. Feel better? Now you know exactly where to go to ignore “The Last Dinosaur” or “Tokyo Pop”.

Although some have claimed that the recent existence of Warner Archive Instant has prevented Netflix from carrying all of these timeless blockbusters, a spokesperson for Netflix has noted that they simply decided not to renew less-watched titles. Which has a ring of truth to it, but it should be noted that some of these supposedly “less-watched” titles happen to be the popular James Bond series.

But whatever the case may be, these films are not gone for good. So please, take the gun out of your mouth and stop crying because “Disorderlies” will still be available to watch on your IPad or your Atari Lynxx or whatever.



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