George Lucas Is Finalist to Create San Francisco Cultural Museum

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george lucasWhat do you do after ensuring the future of Star Wars by selling the brand to Disney? For George Lucas, the answer could be a museum in San Francisco’s Presidio national park. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum would showcase his personal art collection, digital arts exhibitions and maybe a little Star Wars memorabilia.

He developed an interest in art at an early age, and his considerable fortune allowed him to acquire quite a bit of it. Reportedly Lucas has one of the largest Norman Rockwell collections in the world.

Lucas would donate up to $700 million for construction costs and upkeep. It’s not a done deal, and there are three finalists in all. The other two finalists are a Presidio exchange open to a variety of exhibits, backed by San Francisco Giants president Larry Baer. The Chora Group’s proposal would deal with sustainability and the environment.

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